Undrcrwn Spring Music Tees first look


UNDRCRWN channels the signature floral print off of De La Soul’s 1989 debut album- 3 Feet High and Rising. Adding a new twist to the meaning of “Me Myself and I” this tee subtly pokes fun at one of the most notorious ball hogs in the league. The caricature style tee pays homage to Paul’s production work on De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. Prince Paul is pictured sporting UNDRCRWN’s “The Layup” kicks, DJ equipment and a basketball in hand. UNDRCRWN introduced you to the “Keep Bouncing” tee back in Spring 2006. This second generation of tees expands on UNDRCRWN’s love for basketball while honoring A Tribe Called Quests “The Low End Theory”.

UNDRCRWN pays homage to some of the most intelligent and artistic hip hop artists of the late 80’s and 90s. With reinterpretations of classic album covers & artwork, UNDRCRWN delivers 3 new tees that tie back to their roots in music and basketball culture.

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