Marvel Comics – Barack X Spider Man


As excitement builds over the upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President of United States, comic book giant Marvel Entertainment announced the launch of a very special edition to commemorate the occasion. Featuring one of Marvel’s most famous character, Spider-man (aka Peter Parker), the upcoming issue #583 of The Amazing Spider-Man will have the superhero thwarting the plans of his long-time nemesis, Chameleon, during a factious January 20th. Thus, saving Obama’s inauguration. The issue will also include a special cover with both men. According to Joe Quesada, the Editor-in-Chief at Marvel, the idea for the mash-up issue came about when they found out Obama was a fan of the title during his childhood. The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #583 goes on sale across the U.S. this coming Wednesday, January 14th.

Editor Note: Due to overwhelming demand after Marvel’s disclosure last week. The company has issue a second printing of the comic. The second printing will feature identical cover art by Phil Jimenez but in a different colorway (see after the jump).

Release Date: January 14th (Wednesday)


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