Music Skins X Undrcrwn – Bed Stuy & Obama

While pundits and political analysts quibble over who won the last of the U.S. Presidential debates last evening, ardent backers of Democratic nominee Barack Obama are massing their show of support during these final 20 days before the election, including a collection of accessories protectors by Music Skins and UNDRCRWN (Under Crown). Feature the now famous Obama Knows’ O-Face graphic by UNDRCRWN creative director Dustin Canalin and UC’s signature Bed-Stuy tribal quilt design, both are less than 2mm in thickness and created from specialty vinyl by 3M. The adhesive is residue-free so you can remove the “skins” without damaging the device. Best of all, you can customize your gadgets without much cost and protect them from minor scratches.

The designs are available for the following devices:
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone (3rd Gen)
Apple iPod with Video (5th Gen)
Apple iPod Touch & Classic
Apple iPod Nano (2nd & 3rd Gen)
Microsoft Zune
Sidekick (3 & LX)
PC & Apple Laptop (12″-17″)
Motorola RAZR
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry 8800
Blackberry Pearl
Sony PSP
Nintendo DS Lite


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