Jay-Z Live at Glastonbury

Here’s Jigga’s grand opening performance live at Glastonbury. I like what he did here, smart move on Jay’s part. Even if the band (he took the song from) dissed hip hop (Definitely Maybe some ignorance on their part). At the end of the day, this is entertainment…and this culture transcends boundaries (race, gender, nationalities etc). No need for a (Jay-Z) rebuttal and the start of a genre war over generalized, biased views. Let them keep hating while he keeps caking. It doesnt matter how many Shock(s) Of Lightning those unearthed comments you, Noel Gallagher, continue to Dig Out Your Soul from, but i dont know if you noticed…hip-hop will Be Here Now until the end of time (see: Lil Wayne going platinum in a week). They cant Stop the Clocks, even with all the Wonderwall(s) against us. The music will “Live Forever,” and as a genre, were Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.
ps. leave it to eskay and nation ether these dudes on the blog tip.



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