FreshJive Vs JDL protest.

Things seem to be heating up in Fairfax as recent pictures and videos produced by Bobby Hundreds feature a small group of protesters from the Jewish Defense League outside Freshjive’s Reserve store objecting to some recent t-shirt releases from Freshjive. The tees in question include the depiction of former Palestine leader and generally unpopular character Yasser Arafat and Palestinian children wielding AK-47s. On his blog, Freshjive founder Rick Klotz offers his own 2 cents on all the negativity surrounding his designs in a response that reveals his reasoning on why these designs should not be perceived as anti-Semitic (Rick Klotz himself is Jewish). However this whole situation shows the power of a graphic t-shirt as well as Freshjive’s continual brand philosophy of creating active discourse with his products.More pix on &

JDL VS. FRESHJIVE. from Bobby Hundreds on Vimeo.

Shirts in quetion are still available at the shop.




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