Greatest Game 1’s In NBA Finals History

It’s going down tonight @ 6PM…Lakers V Celtics on ABC. put together a list of the greatest game ones in NBA Finals history…

Perkins’ Game Winner Steals the Michael-Magic Show
(Los Angeles Lakers 93, Chicago Bulls 91, June 2, 1991)

Michael vs. Magic: It was superstar versus superstar. One player who waited seven long seasons for his first NBA title shot versus a five-time NBA champion who earned his first ring as a rookie.

You want hype? Chicago Stadium was buzzing hours before tip off as a record national and global audience tuned in for this thrilling matchup.
And no one was disappointed, not with a finish that saw the Lakers overcome a two-point deficit with 14 seconds remaining as Sam Perkins delivered a high arching three pointer that barely missed being blocked by Bulls forward Horace Grant.
“I just aimed and shot,” said Perkins. “It was so high, it seemed like it took forever to come down.”

It was Perkins’ third three of the game and his 22nd point overall.
Jordan and the Bulls had one final shot but No. 23’s attempt rattled in and out as the Lakers stole Game 1 of the series.

“Michael is the No. 1 scariest person in the NBA at that time. My breath almost stopped,” Johnson said of Jordan’s attempt.

peep the entire list here



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