Bye Bye Hillary!

The final primaries in South Dakota and Minnesota are going down tonight. Hillary is hanging on by a shred of a thread. This wheffah actually has the nerve to put out these demands for leaving the race:

“The first is that Obama will assist the Clintons in raising money to pay off the campaign’s multi-million dollar debt.

‘It’s not about the vice-presidency or any other position she might get. It’s about the money – in particular the Clinton family money,’ a source close to a Clinton donor [said].

Hillary is also reportedly requesting that the Illinois senator help Black officials who endorsed Clinton and are now suffering backlash in their constituency.”
This chick is going down swinging. Regardless – Barack is expected to win enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. As if there was any doubt……..
Hillary is expected to give a drop-out speech.

Barack Obama 2008 – YES WE CAN!!



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