Liz Trotta Jokes On-Air About Killing Barack Obama

In an appalling gaffe Sunday, journalist Liz Trotta made a distasteful joke and lumped presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama in with United States enemy Osama Bin Laden, saying she wished them both dead. Trotta was discussing Obama opponent Hillary Clinton’s citing of the RFK assassination during the 1968 Democratic primary contest as a reason for her staying in the race. “And now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, um uh, Obama – well, both if we could.” she said laughing. The hosted merely joined in the joke with her, saying “talk about how you really feel,” and quickly moved on.Trotta later apologized with a 20-second afterthought during another Fox News program. A petition to have Liz Trotta fired is circulating via the Care2 Web site.Click here to see Trotta’s vicious sense of humor.



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