Attack of the Trophy Wives

Somebody give her some Vaseline! Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa was about to be all up in (ESPN writer) Laura Lane’s world at the Laker’s game last night:
Last night, I got cussed out by Vanessa Bryant. Seriously. At the Lakers game. In front of her kids. In front of the Lakers locker room. It was awesome. She is mad about an article I wrote where I mentioned her.

So as I’m walking out of the Lakers locker room after some post-game interviews with the players, I pass Vanessa, who is sitting outside the locker room as usual with her two girls.
“Laura!” she screams (yes, she apparently knows my name). “Fuck you! You fucking bitch!”
“Excuse me?” I say, completely baffled as I look around me to see if there is someone else named Laura. No, there’s not.

Her daughters – ages 5 and 2 – are sitting next to her on the bench looking at their mom as she screams.

‘Fuck you! How dare you write about me and my daughters and their schedule! You didn’t say you were writing an article! Fuck you! You fucking bitch. You have no journalism ethics! Fuck you! You bitch – ‘”

Now here’s a chick who’s not afraid to get riggedy rough and raw on on a b*tch. Kobe must’ve felt some serious pain when she found out about his hobby of making girls’ assess bleed. Yikes!


One response to “Attack of the Trophy Wives

  1. Honestly, I think she has probably been on edge since the whole rape case and investigation. And well after all, pretty she may be, but she isn’t even a high school graduate….sometimes lack of education influences lack of classier/lady like behaviour

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