So yesterday was my first time spending a whole day learning the ropes at Laced. I got there at about noon, and Cassius was already teaching me how to fold, how to display and how to sell. A lot of cool people walked into the store, bought some nice things, chit chatted a bit. Like always. We realized that 99.9% of the females who walk into the store don’t even look at the Women’s section (Get on that ladies!). Over all a good time. At around 6 is when the Laced Up fam started arriving at the store. As you know, Sye, crazy Sye wanting everyone to take a million photos of him 🙂 It’s all great though. Then Cassius walked all of us up to Chop Suey, where we got there and set up. They kicked us out shortly after. B-Awake at that time was like “Man, I’m really hungry”, or something like that. So as a fam, we all went to Oasis to get some sushi, although JK and Toeb didn’t order any, they still sat with us. The people got pretty mad, so B-Awake insisted he’d bring 30 people the next time and only 15 of them will eat. Overall the service was terrible. Who takes an hour and some minutes to get sushi ready?! Yeah, terrible service. But at least once we got the food, it was good. TV was pretty funny, laughing at things that weren’t funny at all, and Roach (sp?) spilling his water over. Thank god your jeans were black huh? So then we all walked back to Chop Suey, and um, waited backstage looking like groupies. Well at least JK, Alejandra and I with our bulky camera’s. Oh yeah, and then I guess I ‘bodied’ JK because his flash stopped working. I don’t know why Cassius calls it that, because that sounds like an offensive sex move. But overall it was great! And if you didn’t go to the show, let me tell you, you missed out. Especially when Maly decided to do his ‘crab walk’. Yeeeeeah. Get Laced!



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