UltraMaly presents: Just Brilliant!


This week I introduce to you…
Soule,pronounced (\ˈsōl\ see definition below) sometimes known as Kim McCarthy, was born in Warshin’ton state. Growing up in the sticks, her only friends were tree dwelling creatures. One day she became incredibly lost and stumbled upon the “city” and discovered a wheat pasted poster. Not only visually appealing, it was delicious. She had to learn more about this new discovery, so after befriending some city folk, she branched out on her own armed with spray paint, stencils and ink. At the ripe ol age of 16 she had her first art show which was a success, this got the ball rolling so she ran with it bringing her to Seattle, WA. Keep an eye out for Urban Soule clothing, paintings, toys, and whatever else she feels like makes! She also is a founding member of the all female DLUKS-3 Crew out of Seattle.

My respect goes out to Soule, she’s an incredible talented individual.

reach her at..

On the next episode of Just Brilliant!
well you need to find out by checking us out next week!


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