OG Pat Ewing Adidas Attitude

Patrick Ewing was the first pick in the 1985 NBA Draft and despite some time off due to injuries in his first season, he still was able to average 20 points, 9 boards, and 2 blocks earning him Rookie of the Year honors.

Adidas wasted no time to release a signature shoe for their new young star after seeing the success that Nike enjoyed with MJ and his signature shoe. The Adidas Attitude was Ewing’s signature shoe for the 1986 season that came in a wide variety of colors, but none quite as timeless as the these to match his Knicks uniform. The Attitude was a popular shoe not just on court, but was quickly adopted by the hip hop scene.

Back in the mid-80s like most of Adidas’s top basketball shoes, these were manufactured in France. The shoe has returned this decade in this color way as well as many others minus the Ewing logo on the tongue as Patrick left Adidas after only a few years to start his own line of shoes that we have featured on prior Throwback Thursday’s.

It is hard to show by photos just how well these shoes were made. The leather is incredibly thick and sturdy. Just like car buffs will tell you, “they sure don’t make them like they used to.” Via nicekicks

These joints will make a return this fall and include New York Knicks branding & laces. See you in October!



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